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Sight Words I

Sight Words I - Sight Words Worksheet

Sight Words I

Sight words are those words that kids find difficult to understand with logic! Phonics will be useful at the elementary level, after which it is frequent reading activities and solving worksheets that will help them to read difficult words fluently. Simple words that are used regularly, like should, came, they, please, write, under and more, find place in the worksheet that will encourage students to read and have fun! Cut out the word blocks and paste on the places that the kids frequent and have them say the words aloud whenever they come across the blocks.

Spotting and reading the colorful words would be an interesting way to learn sight words. Just as the names goes, the first step in learning sight words is ‘sight’. Encourage kids to see the words as pictures and read them aloud. Download the free sight-words PDF and have fun!

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