Rhyme Time

Looking to turn your children into whiz kids? Rhyming is a great tool to help kids discover and explore alphabets, words, and language. Exposing kids to rhyming early on will help lead them to read and succeed!

Here are some easy rhyming games you can try at home to teach and practice this important skill!

  • Paper Plate Puzzles : Have your child write two words that rhyme next to each other on a paper plate. Above each word, either draw or find and paste pictures of the two rhyming objects. Repeat this process for six rhyming pairs. Cut the paper plates in half with different patterns so that your child can try to find rhyming pairs and put the puzzles together.

  • Attracted to Rhymes : Looking to put all those free flimsy magnets you get in the mail and at the fair to good use? Transform these freebies into hours of fun for you and your kids. Brainstorm a word list together that includes words from multiple parts of speech. (This doubles as a grammar lesson in parts of speech as well. Be sure you include nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, and prepositions on your list.) Write or type your word list on sticky computer labels. Attach your labels to the magnets and trim each magnetic word. Then, enjoy some serious rhyme time as you and your child arrange the magnetic words into little bits of rhyming poetry!

  • Rhyming Concentration : Collect pairs of pictures that rhyme. Glue each cut-out picture to an index card and help your students write the word beneath the picture. Place 12 cards (six rhyming sets) face down and ask your child to turn over two cards at a time to try to find a match. If the cards don’t match, turn them over and try again.

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