Q-tip Snowflakes

Q-tip Snowflake - Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids - JumpStart

This pretty snowflake is easy to make and needs nothing more than Q-tips, glue and glitter. Gather the entire family around the dining table and let everyone make a few snowflakes each. You can then string the snowflakes around the house with fish string for a truly festive look. Making these snowflakes is a great way to spend time together as a family and you can be sure to have a beautifully decorated house at the end of it!

What you will need

  • 18 Q-tips per snowflake
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Wax paper

What to do

  1. Spread the wax paper out on a table. This will be your work station.
  2. Arrange six Q-tips in a sunburst pattern.Q-tip Snowflakes - Simple Christmas Craft Ideas - JumpStart
  3. Bend the remaining twelve Q tips in the middle.
  4. Bridge the gaps between the ends of the Q tips with another Q tip, bent inward. (see picture)
  5. Facing each of the bent Q tips, place another bent Q tip, this time bent outward.Q-tip Snowflakes - Christmas Crafts for Kids - JumpStartYou should have six diamond–like shapes, as in the picture.
  6. Cover each of the joints in glue. Use plenty of glue for each joint. Extra glue will become transparent when dry and look similar to the ice in real snowflakes.Q-tip Snowflake - Simple Christmas Crafts - JumpStart
  7. Sprinkle the glue with silver glitter. If you want, you can lightly spread glue over the rest of the snowflake and cover the entire snowflake in glitter.Q-tip Snowflake - Christmas Craft Ideas - JumpStart
  8. Leave the glue to dry completely. This will take several hours, and you may even have to leave it overnight.
  9. Once the glue has dried, peel the snowflake off the wax paper.

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