Practicing Syllables

Your class may be learning how to break words up into smaller parts called syllables. If a student can break long words into syllables, the words become easier to read. Use the chart below for sample words. Here are some tips to help identify syllables in a word.

Tips for Syllables
  • Clap It Out: The best way for children to hear how many syllables are in a word is to clap to each word part. For example, say the word “pencil” out loud. There are two parts: “pen” “cil”. When you clap to each part, you would clap two times. “Store” has one part, so you would clap one time. Say words while your students claps out each word part. Can you find words that have one, two, three and four parts? Make a list.
  • Paper-Wad Toss: Label the fronts of four paper grocery bags with the numbers 1 to 4. Then call out a word and have a student toss a paper-wad “ball” into the bag that indicates the correct number of syllables. Take turns calling out words and tossing paper wads. Keep the game going as fast as possible.
  • Syllable War: Write the words above on cards. Shuffle the cards. Have 2 children play. Each picks a card. The person who picks the word with the biggest number of syllables takes the cards. If the words have the same number, draw another card until 1 is bigger. The player with the most cards wins.

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