Popcorn Paper

Preschool is the time when kids develop their gross motor skills and explore their creative sides. This free preschool activity requires very minimal adult assistance, allowing preschool kids to experiment with forms and patterns. Download the activity sheet for preschool kids and help them grown in fun!

Popcorn Paper - Free Preschool Activity

You will need:

  • Popped popcorn
  • White art paper
  • Brown bag
  • Color tempera powder
  • White glue
  • Glue brush


  • Spread white with the brush on the white paper.
  • Keep white popcorn aside in a bowl.
  • In the brown paper bag, mix popcorn with tempera powder.
  • Go on pasting white and colored popcorn on the sheet to create anything that catches your fancy!
  • Later, you can frame the wonderful creation from a simple preschool activity and display it in your living room for all to see!

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