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Poem for My Mother

Poem for my Mother – Free Printable 1st Grade English Worksheet

Poem for My Mother

Acrostic poems are fun to write, even if you’ve never written one before. To start with, they just have a few simple rules. 1. They use the first letter of a word or phrase to begin each line. 2. The word or phrase can be a name or a thing or anything you like. 3. The first letter of each line is often capitalized to make it easier to recognize the word or phrase. 4. The lines can be long or short and they don’t even need to rhyme. Here’s an example: S – Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. C – Can I skip it today, I wonder. H – How I Met Your Mother is so much more interesting O – Or hanging out with friends, for that matter. O – Oh, lots more interesting, but what’s the point. L – Like it or not, I have to go to school. Easy, isn’t it? Try your hand at this simple Mother’s Day acrostic poem!

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