Pirate TreasARRR Hunt

Ahoy, matey! Gather round, all ye scallywags, and prepare to board the pirate ship of Captain Frankie with this fun activities your family can do at home…

This here mission is a dandy way to test yer little buccaneer’s sea legs and smARRRts, especially when they’ve got their buckos over for a bit of fun. The Pirate Treasure Hunt is a sure fire way to test their problem solving skills and their ability to follow directions. However, before they begin their quest for the treasARRR, they’ll need to look the part! Yer child will love looking like a scurvy sea dog, and it’ll be a great photo opportunity for you, too. Anchors aweigh, mateys!

Treasure Map

The eye patch is easy…

You will need

  • Black paper or black cloth
  • String
  • Whiteout or white paper
  1. Cut the black paper or cloth in a circle that will fit over one eye.
  2. Make two holes on opposite sides of the black paper or cloth.
  3. Tie the string in both holes and fit it to your child’s head so it doesn’t slip off.
  4. Using the whiteout, you can draw a skull and cross bones on the eye patch if you’d like. Or, you can cut one out of white paper and paste it on.

Raggedy pirate clothes!

You will need

  • Old pants or shirts that you don’t mind cutting up
  • A bandanna or piece of extra fabric
  1. Cut the bottoms of the pants and shirt to make jagged lines.
  2. Wrinkle and dirty the clothes to make it look like they’ve been out at sea for months!
  3. Take the bandanna or extra piece of fabric and tie it around your child’s head.

The pirate transformation is almost complete!

Now, if you have a parrot stuffed animal, tie it onto your child’s shoulder. We think the easiest way of securing Captain Feathers onto a little shoulder is by tying string onto the feet and tail of the parrot, and then wrapping the string under the child’s arm.

Prepare the treasARRR hunt!

You will need

  • 6 pieces of thick paper
  • Markers
  • Pirate treasure or loot (can be candy, toys, or anything your child will be excited to find at the end of the hunt)
  • A lighter or matches
  1. Before the kids come over, use markers to draw on each piece of paper a place in your house where you will hide a clue to the final treasure. You can write down clues and riddles also. Each clue will lead to the next clue and so forth, until the final treasure. Here is an example of one clue… Ahoy, all ye pirate lads and lasses! The treasure of the lost seas is calling our name! Any true pirate would know where the flowers grow…find your next clue in the garden of the 7 seas…AARRGGG! Tip: Make sure to hide the pieces of paper in order according to the next clue. Also, if the little ones involved in the hunt are too young to read, consider taking Polaroid pictures of their next clues.
  2. Make your paper look like it has been hidden for decades. Crumple the paper into a ball, and then flatten it out. It will give it an “old” look.
  3. Singe the edges of the paper with a match or lighter. Make sure not to place the paper directly on the flame; this will light the paper on fire and destroy your clue! Instead, hold it half an inch from the flame, and the edge of the paper should singe without a fiery destruction. If you want to avoid using fire, you can rip the edges instead.
  4. Now, hide the clues in order of destinations, one leading to the next. When the kids reach the end as a group, they should find the pirate treasure!

This fun game will be a sure hit for the little ones! It will encourage them to figure out riddles, explore together, and work as a team. And don’t forget how adorable they’ll look dressed as pirates, running around your house yelling ARRGG!

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