Patriotic Print Present

Make a unique patriotic hand print card for your friends or family.

Patriotic Print Present

You will need:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Flat paint brushes
  • Light blue craft paper
  • White construction paper


  • Paint a square using dark blue on the lower, outer corner of the palm.
  • Paint red and white stripes on the rest of the palm (including fingers). Alternate the red stripes with the white ones.
  • Cut out a square from the light blue craft paper (big enough for the palm print) and press the colored palm onto it to make a print.
  • Paste this printed square on a slightly larger square that has been cut out from the white construction paper.
  • Decorate the border. You can color it red or draw stars, stripes, etc.
  • Once the paint dries on paper, use white paint to draw little stars on the dark blue square.
  • Write your name and present to a dear one on Independence Day.

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