New Year Hat

It’s time to bring out those party hats and celebrate! This New Year’s Eve, let kids make their very own funky New Year hat! With easily available material, this fun craft activity will keep the kids busy during the holidays and bring out their artsy sides. Watch kids make this simple but fun New Year hat and get ready to welcome the New Year in style!

New Year Hat - Crafts for Kids


What You Need

  • Construction paper – any color you like
  • Stones of different colors and sizes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ribbons – any 2 bright colors



  1. The first step is to make a cone from the construction paper. For this, use a ribbon and measure the circumference of your head. The length of the ribbon that goes around your head will be the diameter of a circle. Draw a circle with a radius half of the length of the ribbon on your construction paper. Cut the circle.

  3. Cut out a little more than a quarter of the circle and fold it as shown in the pictures below.

    New Year Hat - How To Make Fun Hats



  5. Fold the construction paper to get the cone shape of desired size, but don’t stick the ends together yet. Mark the centre top of the cone. (You can cut the construction paper if too much is being folded inside.)

    New Year Hats - Fun New Year Crafts for Kids



  7. Take 2 ribbons of different colors. Cut each small piece of ribbon into thin strips, from the bottom to a little more than half its length, like in the picture below.

    New Year Hat - Steps to Make Easy New Year Crafts



  9. Glue the ribbon to the construction paper, where you marked the top of the cone. Let the strips hang out.

    New Year Hat - Easy New Year Crafts for Kids



  11. Now fold the construction paper again and glue the ends together so you get the cone shape with the ribbon strips hanging out. Looks funky already, doesn’t it?

    New Year Hats - Fun New Year Crafts for Kids



  13. It’s time to decorate the hat as you like! Here, we’ve taken a strip of red ribbon long enough to go around the mouth of the hat. We’ve glued different stones along the length of the ribbon to give it a fun, simple pattern.

    New Year Hat - Party Hats for Kids



  15. Once the stones have been stuck to the ribbon, you can now stick the ribbon around the open mouth of the cone.

    New Year Hat - Easy New Year Crafts for the Holidays



  17. Use glue to stick sequins in the shape of 2012 and give the hat a dash of more glamor! You could also use glitter glue and save the effort of sticking more sequins.

    New Year Hat - Easy Party Hats that Kids Can Make



  19. Stick some more colored stones in different patterns and give your hat the finishing touches.

    New Year Hat - Fun, Free New Year Crafts for Kids



  21. There you go! A simple, funky New Year hat for the kids, by the kids!

    New Year Hat - Crafts for Kids




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