Marble Art

Marble Art

Learn how to make a beautiful painting like this one!

This fun, easy art project is great for big kids as well as young children who haven’t yet developed their fine motor skills. Just be sure to keep the marbles and paint away from young mouths.

What you will need

  • Several different colors of paint
  • A disposable (or easily washable) cup for each paint color
  • A marble (or other small, round object you’re willing to get paint on) for each paint color
  • Paper
  • A shoebox or other box big enough to hold the paper
Start by assembling your materials

Start by assembling your materials

Get Painting

  1. Place a piece of paper into the bottom of the box.
  2. Squirt a dollop of your first color of paint into the first cup.
  3. Drop a marble into the cup and roll it around to cover it in paint.
  4. There goes the marble!

    There goes the marble!

  5. Drop the paint-colored marble into the box on top of the paper and roll it around to create lines and swirls.
  6. Rockin' and rollin'

    Rockin' and rollin'

  7. Repeat steps 1-4 with a few more colors of paint to create your masterpiece! Experiment with several marbles at once and see how they interact to create unique patterns. If you’re really adventurous, try bouncing the marbles for a different effect.
  8. Marble Art

    What a pretty painting!

    Like snowflakes or fingerprints, every marble painting your child makes will be as unique as they are!

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