Make Colorful Ice

‘Make Colorful Ice’ is an interesting preschool activity that teaches kids about different colors and how they mix with another to form a new color. This color activity involves extensive use of food colors which might turn cumbersome – wear aprons while doing this free classroom activity for preschool kids.

Make Colorful Ice - Free Preschool Activity

You will need:

  • Paper cups
  • Food colors in primary colors
  • Droppers
  • Ice trays
  • Freezer


  • Fill the paper cups till half with water.
  • Mix a different food color in each cup.
  • Allow kids to take different colors with the droppers, from the cups, and drop them on the pockets in the ice tray.
  • Encourage them to mix the colors.
  • They’ll be delighted to see primary colors in the preschool color activity mixing with each other to form secondary colors!

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