Lunchbox Notes: A Fun Way to Promote Reading!

Let’s face it - not all children enjoy reading because many of them view it as work or as something they have to do. But what if there were a way to make reading fun? In fact, what if there were a way to make reading so exciting that children actually looked forward to it every day? Well, we think we have found a solution…lunchbox notes!

By secretly putting a note in your child’s lunchbox, you are doing so much more than simply reminding them that you care. You are encouraging your child to read while filling the school day with encouragement. Lunchbox notes are fun, educational, positive, and motivational!

Feel free to print either of the examples below or to doodle your own (writing on a napkin works just great).

Another fun way to encourage reading is by writing a few words across their banana before packing it in your child’s lunchbox. It’s simple! A banana peel bruises very easily, so all you have to do is use your fingernail to scratch a message across the peel. Your message won’t show up right away, but by the time your child has lunch, the area you marked will be dark brown. It’s a creative way to encourage your child to read while putting a smile on his or her face. Your child’s lunchbox will never be the same again!

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