Lucky Treasure Hunt

We can always do with a little more of good luck, can’t we? As the trickster leprechauns plan their visit this St. Patrick’s Day, here is a fun activity to get busy with. A hunt for treasure is always exciting!

  1. Decide upon an area. It could be the classroom, or a garden area, or any other spacious area. Be sure to mark the boundaries beyond which the kids should not venture. There should be enough objects around to make it easier to hide many small ‘treasures’.
  2. Choose a variety of small objects that are associated with St. Patrick’s Day. These could include clovers (you can make these from construction paper as well), charm bracelets, gold coins (chocolates, of course!), small pots, drawings of a rainbow, etc. Depending on how big the group of people going on this hunt is, you can keep many of each object.
  3. Clear the area and make sure the kids aren’t around when you scatter and hide all the objects.
  4. Bring the kids in and tell them that there are a variety of objects associated with St. Patrick’s Day that are hidden. Fix a time frame within which the kids have to identify and collect as many hidden objects as they can.
  5. At the end of the given time frame, let each kid count how many objects he/she has been able to collect.
  6. It’s been quite a lucky day for the little ones with all their treasures! The child with the most number of objects is the winner! Give him/her a special prize.


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