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Learn Long U

Learn Long U - Reading Worksheet for Kindergarten

Learn Long U

‘U’ is a tricky vowel! Besides being pronounced with two distinct sounds, it sometimes doesn’t have any significance at all, especially when it appears after a ‘Q’. Long vowel ‘U’ is pronounced ‘ew’, while the short vowel ‘u’ is pronounced ‘uh’ – resulting in two distinct sounds. Before proceeding to solving phonics worksheets, kids must practice saying the sounds aloud to gain ground.

This long ‘U’ worksheet is for kindergartners and preschoolers who are slowly getting a hang of vowels and phonics in their curriculum. Kids have to identify the images and fill in the missing letter. While figuring out the missing letter, kids must be encouraged to say the words aloud, so that the entire method of Phonics – hearing, identifying and manipulating – is complete.

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