Juice House Craft

Help your three-year-old make an entire neighborhood or even an entire city with empty juice cartons! Get started now.

Free Craft for Toddlers

You will need:

  • Empty juice cartons
  • Acrylic paint and brushes
  • Paper-cutting scissors


  • Use white acrylic paint to paint over the empty juice cartons. You can either give all the cartons a white base or mix white with the colors of your choice before painting the cartons. This is because white is an opaque color and is thus, useful in hiding all the writing on the juice cartons.
  • If you choose to give your juice cartons a white base, wait will the paint has dried before painting them with another color.
  • Using a thin brush, paint window frames on the cartons in brown. Paint white or yellow inside the frames.
  • You can use any color of your choice to paint the doors.
  • Once all paint has dried, take out your beautiful juice houses and place them on the grass in the garden or the park.
  • If you have a camera, bring it out! These brightly colored juice houses make a pretty picture – one that your 3-year-olds will adore!

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