Independence Day T-Shirt

This Independence Day, wear your patriotic heart on your sleeve. Literally! Here’s how:

Independence Day T-Shirt


You will need:

  • A plain white T-shirt
  • A piece of cardboard (as big as the shirt)
  • Masking tape
  • Craft sponges
  • Fabric paint in colors red and blue
  • Tiny star stickers


  • Lay out your plain white T-shirt on a solid surface (the kitchen counter or the floor). Put the cardboard inside the T-shirt, between the two layers. This is to protect the back of the shirt from getting stained.
  • Use the masking tape to section off a square on the top of the T-shirt for the stars. Ideally, the star section should fall on the right shoulder of the one wearing the T-shirt.
  • Use more of the masking tape to mark the white stripes on the T-shirt.
  • Take some red fabric point on a disposable plate. Now, use the craft sponge to paint the red stripes (color all the exposed portions of the T-shirt front except the area marked for the stars).
  • Once the paint dries, remove the tape that was placed to mark the white stripes. However, do not remove the tape that has been used to section off the stars portion. This will help avoid the red paint from mixing with the blue once you start painting that section.
  • Cover the star section of the T-shirt with the star stickers. Press them down hard to avoid the blue paint from seeping in.
  • Using a craft sponge, paint the stars section blue. Make sure there is enough paint around the star stickers so that the shapes can form perfectly.
  • Once the paint dries completely, carefully peel of the star stickers as well the remaining tape.
  • Now you are the proud owner of your very own home-made Independence Day T-shirt!

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