Fuzzy Valentines

What better way to spread the love this holiday than with adorable, fuzzy little friends?

What You’ll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Red and pink paper
  • Glue
  • Pipe cleaners in assorted colors
  • Small googly eyes
  • Hole punch (optional)


Cupid the Caterpillar

Wrap two colored pipe cleaners around a pen to create a spiral of alternating colors. Slide your spiral off the pen and gently push on the ends to close off the tube you’ve created. Next, cut off a small piece of another color pipe cleaner and mold into a V shape for the antennae. Attach by sliding the point of the V between two of your spiraling pipe cleaners. Affix 2 googly eyes, bend your caterpillar to show off a little slither and voila – an adorable caterpillar.

Baby the Bee

This friendly bumble bee uses the same technique as the caterpillar (above). Follow the directions above, substituting in a thicker pen (try a marker) to plump up your bumble bee. Also, instead of using the full length of your pipe cleaners, use scissors to trim down your bee’s body to the desired length (recommend approximately 1 inch). As above, add antennae and 2 eyes to complete your masterpiece.

To add some flair for your little bee, consider creating a pipe cleaner flower for him to rest on. Select a green pipe cleaner for the stem and a red pipe cleaner for your petals. Connect the two pipe cleaners by twisting a small section of them together. Next form petals by looping the red piece around your finger and twisting it back toward the stem. Repeat until you have enough petals.

Tugg the Tiger

Grab one orange and one black pipe cleaner and carefully twist them together. Next, find the mid-point and fold the twisted pipe cleaners in half so that they form a large V. The point of this V will soon become your tiny tiger’s nose. Gently push the pipe cleaner strands up so that they form two ears just behind this nose. Next, twist the 2 strands together 2 times (to create the neck), then separate the strands and loop each one down to create to front legs. Reunite your strands again for approximately 5 twists (to create the back), the repeat the separated loops to create back legs. Twist any remaining length of the strands together to create a tail. Pull the 2 ears apart slightly to create a heart-shaped face for your new friend and add two eyes to finish.

Ally the Gator

Start with one green pipe cleaner and follow the instructions for Tugg the tiger (above), ignoring the first step of twisting the two pipe cleaners together. Once you have successfully created Ally’s body, carefully flatten her so that her legs lay flat to the sides and her tail lies flat on the ground behind her. Next, take an orange pipe cleaner and bend it back and forth so that it creates a zig-zag pattern. Attach the orange zig-zag at the top of your gator’s “neck” and at the end of her tail. Finally, add some eyeballs to give her a little personality.

Goober the Giraffe

Follow the instructions for Tugg the tiger (above), substituting a yellow and an orange colored pipe cleaner. Also, instead of twisting the strands only 2 times to create a next, twist them approximately 5 times to give Goober the lengthly neck he needs. Finally, trim any remaining pipe cleaner with your scissors to make sure he has a short tail.

Now that you have your fuzzy pals all lined up, begin cutting heart shaped pieces out of your pink and red papers. Using different sizes of hearts will add some pizzazz to your artwork. Next, use a marker or crayon to inscribe your Valentine’s messages across the hearts. (Note: for Baby the bee’s flower, we recommend using a hole punch and threading the stem around one side of the paper heart). Affix your chosen critter with a little glue and you are all set!

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