Frame It

Remember that time you went camping with Dad? Or when he carried you on his shoulders and walked because you were tired? Remember when he helped you ride your first bicycle or that time he taught you to play baseball? This Father’s Day, relive those memories by framing a special picture of you and Dad by gifting him a special picture frame!

Picture Frame - Cute Crafts for Kids


What You Need:

  • Craft Sticks (4-5)
  • Colored stones
  • Paints + paintbrush
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter glue / Marker pen



  1. The first step is to decide what colors you want to use. We wanted to keep it bright and summery, so we chose yellow. Once you’ve finalized your color, paint 4 craft sticks that color.

    Make A Picture Frame for Dad this Father's Day



  3. Stick the 4 craft sticks to form a frame. See image below.

    Father's day Craft & Gift Ideas - Make Your Own Picture Frame



  5. Go ahead and decorate the craft sticks as you like! We’ve used green colored stones for the vertical sticks on the side, and written the words ‘Best’ and ‘Daddy’ on the horizontal sticks. Looks cute already, doesn’t it?

    Picture Frame Craft for Kids - Father's Day Gift Ideas



  7. Now add a small, cute ribbon at the top that you can use to hang the picture frame. Put in your favorite picture with Dad and gift it to him on Father’s Day. This one’s sure to bring a wide smile on his face!

    Picture Frame Craft for Kids


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