Father’s Day Shirt Card

Dad looks rather handsome when he dons his best shirt and heads out for an important meeting or a formal party, doesn’t he? Well, this Father’s Day, gift Dad a shirt of a different kind. Make him a Father’s Day card that looks like a shirt! Read on to find out how.

Fun, Free Father's Day Card!


What You Need:

  • Construction paper – color depends on what color you want to make the shirt and tie
  • A pair of scissors
  • Markers of different colors
  • Glue



  1. Cut your construction paper in the shape of a regular card.

    Father's Day Card Ideas for Kids



  3. To make the collar, cut one strip of construction paper and fold both the ends such that they meet at the center. See image below.

    Father's Day Card Crafts for Kids



  5. Stick your collar onto the card. Looks pretty close to a real shirt already, doesn’t it?

    Father's Day Shirt Card



  7. Now for the tie. Since we’ve used white construction paper, we’re making the tie of a contrasting, bright color. You could choose to make the tie with the same color of construction paper as well. Trace out the shape of a tie on the construction paper and cut it.

    Father's Day Crafts for Kids - Fathe's Day Card



  9. For the inside of the card, write Dad a simple, cute message! Get creative and make patterns and decorations as you like.

    Fun Father's Day Card!



  11. Now stick the tie on the front of the card, wait for it to dry, and give Dad this special, Father’s Day shirt card!

    Father's Day Shirt Card for Dad!


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