Family Game Time

Board games have become synonymous with family time these days. They offer a rare opportunity to pry the kids away from the TV and sit down as a family to enjoy each other’s conversation and company. And with the hectic lives we all lead, they are a great way to get to really get to know each other. With this in mind, we have created the All About Me! board game. That’s right- your very own personalized family board game!

Here’s how you do it!

First, answer your favorite 25 questions from the list below with your family. Using a stack of flashcards, write the question on one side, and the answer on the other. For example: One side of the card will say, “What is Frankie’s favorite food?” and the other side will say, “ Cheese pizza”. This is your chance to be creative, so feel free to add any other questions you think your family would enjoy answering. The idea is that it is a trivia game centered around your family, so they don’t necessarily need to be challenging questions, just fun ones. Print out your pint-sized game board and get ready to play!

The Rules of the game

  1. 1. Start out with one die. Each person takes turns rolling the die and the person with the highest roll starts the game off and the order follows numerically.
  2. Each person can choose a different type of coin to be their marker on the game board
  3. The first player rolls the die to see how many spaces they can potentially move and picks an index card from the top of the stack ( without looking at the answer). They must read the question aloud so everyone can hear. They have at most 2 minutes to answer the question. Once they select the answer, another player flips the card over and verifies if it is correct or not. If the answer is right, the player moves the amount of spaces they rolled. If they are incorrect, they stay where they are.
  4. The game proceeds in this way until someone reaches the end.
  5. You will notice that there are character faces on the board. If you land on one and get the answer correct, you get to double the amount of spaces you move.
  6. If you land on a mud puddle, you are stuck there until you answer two consecutive questions correctly.

Questions for the All About Me! Board Game

*Make sure each question is specific to a certain person – ie, Frankie’s favorite color or Mom’s favorite book. This way, the answers are not debatable during the game*

  1. What is NAME’s favorite color?
  2. What is mom’s favorite color?
  3. What is dad’s favorite color?
  4. How many people are in your immediate family?
  5. What is your telephone number?
  6. What is mom’s cell phone number?
  7. What is dad’s cell phone number?
  8. What is your address?
  9. What number do you call in case of an emergency?
  10. What school do you go to?
  11. What is NAME’s favorite thing to eat?
  12. What is mom’s favorite thing to eat?
  13. What is dad’s favorite thing to eat?
  14. What is your brother/ sister’s favorite thing to eat?
  15. What is NAME’s middle name?
  16. What is your mom/dad/ brother/ sister’s middle name?
  17. What is dad’s job?
  18. What is mom’s job?
  19. When is NAME’s birthday?
  20. What state do you live in?
  21. How old is your pet?
  22. How long have you had your pet?
  23. What do you do in an earthquake?
  24. What do you do if the fire alarm goes off?
  25. Who is NAME’s teacher?
  26. What grade is NAME in?
  27. What grade is your brother/ sister in?
  28. How old is your brother/sister?
  29. What is NAME’s favorite book?
  30. What is mom/dad/brother/sister’s favorite book?

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