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Extinct American Birds 1 - Carolina Parakeet

Extinct American Birds 1 - Elementary Coloring Worksheet

Extinct American Birds 1 - Carolina Parakeet

Once upon a time, until 1939 to be precise, North America was home to a species of parrot – the Carolina Parakeet. This species used to thrive in regions as far apart as the Ohio Valley and the Gulf of Mexico. Today the Carolina Parakeet is extinct. These beautiful birds died out because they were hunted for their colorful feathers, which were used to decorate ladies’ hats. Our Earth Day coloring pages for kindergarten and 1st grade help your kids learn about the wonderful flora and fauna found all over the world. Once your little one is done with coloring the Carolina Parakeet, get him started on the next one in this series – Extinct American Birds 2.

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