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Exotic Trees of the World 2 - Baobab Tree

Exotic Trees of the World 2 - First Grade Coloring Worksheet

Exotic Trees of the World 2 - Baobab Tree

The Baobab Trees are possibly the oldest forms of life in Africa. An Arabian myth claims that the devil plucked up the tree, plunged its branches into the earth and left its roots hanging in the air. Regardless of its origins, the Baobab Tree is one of the most exotic-looking trees in the world. Some have bloated trunks so huge that people actually live inside them. Their unique shape and majestic length have made them the icons of the beautiful island of Madagascar. But the mighty Baobab is now under threat because the land on which it stands is needed for farming and grazing animals. This Earth Day coloring worksheet features the Baobab Tree as part of our effort to create awareness about exotic flora and fauna that is in danger of vanishing from the face of the earth.

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