Easter Dish Towel

What a pretty dish towel for Easter!

This decorated dish towel makes a perfect Easter gift for loved ones. It's festive, and in the spirit of the season, decorated with vegetable prints. Great cook or not, any doting relative would be delighted with a self-decorated dish towel as pretty as this one!


What you will need:

  • A plain white dish towel
  • Fabric paint
  • Paint brush
  • Newspapers
  • 1 large, smooth potato
  • Vegetables with pretty patterns for printing
  • (Suggestions: okra, peapod, bitter gourd, carrot)

  • Knife


What to do:

  1. Cut the potato lengthwise, so that the cut section resembles the shape of an egg.

  3. Cut the remaining vegetables breadth wise, exposing their natural patterns.

    Vegetables ready to be painted



  5. Cover your work area in newspapers.

  7. Use the paintbrush to cover the flesh of the potato with a bright color.

    Red potato = a red egg!



  9. Press the potato down firmly onto the dish towel.


    Put even pressure on all sides to get a nice, even print.


    You now have a pretty egg-shaped pattern on your towel.

  11. Repeat the pattern across the towel with different colors and as much spacing as you prefer.


    Tip: Instead of using a new potato half for every color, reuse the painted potato by slicing off the painted section.


    Let's paint the potato blue next!



  13. Use the smaller vegetables to create patterns on the eggs.


    Okra and peapods make pretty patterns



  15. Use the paintbrush to add more details to the patterned eggs.


    Now they look more like Easter eggs!


  17. Paint some grass below the eggs.


    The Easter bunny was here.


  19. Add an Easter message at the bottom of the towel, and decorate the remaining sides any way you wish.


    Decorate the Easter dish towel


You now have a very pretty self-decorated dish towel that you can use at home or gift to loved ones for Easter!


Voila! The finished product!

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