Cheesecloth Ghost

The Cheesecloth Ghost

This Cheesecloth Ghost looks so real, it’s exactly what you need to bring the Halloween spirit indoors! Easy to make, highly adaptable and with spooky results, this is the perfect Halloween craft for kids!

What you will need:

  • Cheese cloth/gauze cloth
  • Liquid starch/starch spray
  • Cardboard tube
  • Wire
  • Balloon
  • Plastic wrap
  • Old towel
  • Tape

What to do:

  1. Spread the towel over your work area.


    Work area


  3. To make the frame, blow the balloon to the size you want your ghost’s ‘head’ to be. Tape the balloon to the top of the cardboard tube.


    Frame for the ghost's head


  5. Shape the wire into ‘hands’ for your ghost, and tape it to the cardboard tube.


    Frame for the ghost


  7. Cover the entire frame in plastic. This will prevent the wire from rusting and ruining the ghost.


  9. Cut a piece of cheesecloth that is big enough to cover the entire frame with a little bit left over. The one used here is 30”x30” for a 9” tall cardboard tube. Soak it in the liquid starch. Ensure that the starch gets to all parts of the cheesecloth.


    Soak the cheesecloth in liquid starch


  11. Squeeze out excess liquid starch and drape the cloth over the frame, making sure to get the exact shape you want. Don’t forget to position the folds at the bottom of the ghostly figure as well!


    Fashion the ghost however you want


  13. Leave the ghost to dry. This may take up to 36 hours.


  15. Once the ghost is completely dry, ease the frame out from underneath it. Cut out eyes and a mouth from black felt or plain black paper, and glue it on.



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