Bubbling Cauldron

Now that Halloween is approaching with the arrival of October, it is time for you and your child to make your own bubbling cauldron potion to start off your celebration!

You will need:

  • A clear, full-sized glass
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Salt

How to make your potion:

  1. Fill the glass half-full of water.
  2. Add about a half-inch of oil to the glass, on top of the water. The oil will float on top of the water because it is less dense than the water, which makes it float.
  3. Pour in some salt.
  4. Have your child observe and comment on what happens!

Well, what did happen?

When you pour the salt into the oil and water mixture, you should see that the salt brings down bubbles of oil with it, into the water. When the salt and oil combine, they are denser than the water; thus, they sink. When the salt dissolves in the water, the oil is free to float back to the top of the mixture. Kind of looks like a lava lamp, right?

If you’re still feeling creative, try making a new oil-water mixture and putting sugar in it, instead of salt. What happens? Also try putting in some food coloring (An oozy green?  A vicious red?  A repulsive yellow?) in either solution to make your potion really look like a crazy concoction!

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