Activities for Practicing Punctuation

Your class may be learning about punctuation marks at the end of sentences. Sentences can end with a period (.), a question mark (?) or an exclamation mark (!). We also use commas (,) and quotation marks (“ ”). Here are some activities that you can do in your classroom to help your students practice punctuation.

  • Clap or Swish: Make a statement or ask a question. Then hold up a hand and let your students indicate the appropriate end punctuation. For a statement, students should clap their hands as if stamping a period: “Clap.” For a question, students should rub their palms in a circular motion as if making a question mark: “Swish.”
  • In the End: Say a simple sentence in different ways so that it is a statement, an exclamation, or a question. For example, say “I can go.” Or “I can go!” Or “Can I go?” (Reorder the words as needed to make a question.) For each sentence, ask your students to name the correct ending mark.
  • Punctuation Challenge: Every morning, write a fairly long sentence for your class to punctuate. Begin simply, with periods, question marks and exclamation points. Move to adding commas and quotation marks. If your students are able to meet the challenge and punctuate the sentences correctly, keep a tally of how many are correct. Set a goal and a reward with your students. For example, “After 10 correct sentences, you earn a raffle. After 25 correct sentences, you earn an ice cream sundae party.”

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