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JumpStart Academy is a supplemental tool that schools all over the US and the world can use in their classroom. With advanced technology to give teachers the ability for full transparency of their classroom and students, as well as one-of-a-kind teacher portal. With games that kids love and results that teachers want to show, JumpStart Academy is the perfect learning ecosystem for the classroom.

Product Overview

We allow students to engage with a progressive, e-learning game that is dynamically built based on a user's real time progress. Teachers leverage the teacher portal that has countless features to give guidance, insight and drive integrated growth cross-functionally.

Product Overview

Teacher Portal

We give you the tools and knowledge to help your students in a system that they love:

  • Assessment benchmarking & tracking
  • Assignments
  • Intuitive ‘Common Core Navigator’ tool
  • District/Principal Dashboard
  • Teamwork/Team competitions in class AND MORE!
Teacher Portal

How it Works

Students start with a required assessment test for placement and our dynamic system takes it forward from there. It allows a single player experience to dive into various levels and subjects within each core curriculum. We give the teacher the ability to provide assignments and create student teams in order to engage students in a fun, multiplayer learning game.

How it Works

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