Would you like to take learning outside of the classroom? Is your child speeding through JumpStart Academy Preschool, and you’d like to access more educational materials? Are you unsure how to support your kid academically? Then you should check out the Resources tab in the Parent Center! Here, you can find an abundance of additional educational materials and support to help guide you and your young scholar through their education.

It can be difficult taking charge of your kid’s education, and sometimes, you may need additional help. Luckily, the “Resources” section offers “Parent Support.” Here, you can find additional games to help stimulate your child’s brain and get them even more excited to learn. These activities will add on to the lessons learned in JumpStart Academy Preschool. They follow Common Core standards, and are guaranteed to give your kid the learning edge they need to succeed!

You can also access fun and inspiring worksheets from the “Resources” tab. This is a great place to go if you want to encourage learning outside of school. These worksheets will cover all of the subjects preschoolers need to know, from critical thinking skills to coloring to early reading. You can even find worksheets related to specific holidays, such as President’s Day and Cinco de Mayo. They are meant to test and encourage critical thinking skills.

Under the “Preschool Activities,” you can find fun and educational activities to do with your kid. These activities can encourage interest in STEM, reading, writing, and the arts. Together, the two of you can learn about the anatomy of a flower, make handprint leaves, and solve riddles. These activities are sure to keep your child ready and eager to learn!

Under the “Resources” tab, you can find a plethora of support, additional assignments, and exciting activities. This is a great way to keep your child learning both inside and outside of the classroom. From educational games to worksheets to riddles and experiments, you’ll be prepared to help your little learner get ahead!