Progress Reports

Like all parents, we know you’re eager to keep track of how your children are performing in school. Are they soaring through their alphabet, but hesitate when it comes counting? Are you unsure if your preschooler is taking more time than expected playing through “All About Me,” but flies through the “Healthy Me” lessons? If this is the case, Jumpstart Academy Preschool has a feature that will help parents figure this all out!

Parents are eager to follow their child’s educational growth as they get older. With JumpStart Academy Preschool, parents can take a hands-on approach as their kid plays! As your little learner navigates through the game, you can track their pace and comprehension through progress reports. If you click on the “Progression Tracker” button, you will be able to access a bar graph comparing the different types of activities the player has completed.

These reports will keep you updated on how your child is performing in each game. This means that you can monitor how they are doing on their lessons and assess which concepts they are grasping with ease and which ones they need to improve on. With JumpStart Academy Preschool’s up-to-date progress reports, you can play an active role in your child’s education!