My Family

In the land of "My Family," your child will learn about their family. Here, players will grasp the importance of living in a family. At this age, children are starting to understand chores, family roles, and pet care, and your preschooler will build on these topics as they play.

It is important that preschoolers understand how to cooperate within a family. As they navigate through “My Family,” they will encounter crucial lessons that are guaranteed to help them develop inter-familial skills. For example, your young scholar will learn how to properly take care of pets by making sure to feed them, clean them, and play with them often. Preschoolers will also learn about helping their parents out around the house – whether that be cleaning up after themselves, doing chores, or giving warm hugs. And of course, sharing is caring! We will expose your child to the importance of sharing with others around them and how that will help them make friends. The game will also teach your little learner about how much fun it is to spend time with their grandparents.

This land is essential because it covers one of the most important topics – family! JumpStart cares about making sure that your preschooler will not only learn about the people that love them the most, but they will also grasp the basics of contributing to the household. As they play through the game, your precious preschooler will understand the significance of being a part of a caring family!