All About Me

JumpStart Academy Preschool is going to start with the basics… You! In “All About Me, players will learn all about themselves in the first land of their educational journey. This captivating land will cover essential topics that your preschooler will devour – all from the comfort of a personalized bedroom!

Before players even reach “All About Me,” they must answer a few questions about themselves. This is so that we can get to know your child to deliver a more customized experience. Once they have sent us their answers, we create a one-of-a-kind bedroom filled with their favorite choices! As users wander throughout the map, they will encounter not only academic lessons, such as shapes, letters, and counting, but emotions, hobbies, and taking care of themselves! We have the coolest characters to help guide your little learner through different portions of their journey. Max Martian teaches them all about getting dressed, while Eleanor Elephant will taps into emotions and what those can mean to a child.

Every child is special, which is why your kid will love learning about themselves! They will adore the personal touches and the exciting games this land has to offer! From academic lessons to the basics of playtime, your child will have a blast in “All About Me.”