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Exciting Lands

Get ready to explore fascinating lands with your preschooler! As your little learner plays through JumpStart Academy Preschool, they will be introduced to new worlds that reflect our own. Each stop on their learning adventure will ensure that your preschooler is picking up invaluable practical and social skills that will follow them beyond the game.

All About Me

The first land your child will travel to is based on them! Players will be asked a few questions about themselves before they begin, and will then find themselves in a room that is customized to their individual tastes. As they navigate through this map, users will learn about the importance of getting dressed by themselves, dealing with their emotions, and more.

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Healthy Me

The next stop on your kid’s educational adventure will be a land focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Players will learn about brushing their teeth, nutrition, and the importance of exercising. They will come to understand how crucial it is to take care of their bodies and minds, something that is incredibly important to maintain throughout their life.

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My Family

In the third land they journey to, your child will learn about the responsibilities that come with living in a family. Players will learn to cooperate with their family members by cleaning up after themselves, doing chores, taking care of a pet, and more! These lessons will guarantee that your preschooler will master the significance of being a part of a happy home.

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