What’s more fun than winning awesome prizes? With JumpStart Academy Preschool, players earn rewards for completing lessons, games, and crafts. They come in the form of tickets, which can be exchanged for exciting in-game items.

Tickets will be awarded for successfully completing games and activities. When a player completes one of these tasks, they will receive tickets as a reward. Activities that grant tickets to players can range from listening to a story, tracing a letter or number, and more. When users have earned a sufficient amount of tickets, they can be exchanged for items from the store.

Players can obtain some fabulous in-game items from the store! Users can spend their tickets on clothing and accessories to keep their avatar looking fashionable. Kids can also access a variety of hairstyles to change up their look. They can also pick up some decorations for their dollhouse to make it feel more like home.

From fun hats to princess rugs to sporty sofas, these rewards are too good to pass up! Your little learner will love being able to purchase cool clothes and fantastic dollhouse décor with tickets that they have earned themselves. With these prizes, your child will be begging to log on and learn.