Your child will wander through different worlds of learning with JumpStart Academy Preschool! Each of our themed lands are designed to get players excited about learning as they explore each one. Each of these lands will be filled to the brim with a colorful cast of characters who are dying to show your young scholar around! With wonderful opportunities to explore and engage with the lands and lessons, kids will love logging on!

As players navigate through lessons on how to spell their name and the basics of phonics, they will eventually find themselves in new and exciting territories. The first land they will explore is called “All About Me” and will be about the individual player, focusing specifically on their body, feelings, and getting dressed. The next land will be “Healthy Me,” which focuses on how to have a healthy lifestyle. Your child will then travel to “My Family,” and learn about family life, home, and the basics of caring for a pet.

As players venture into each creative and colorful land, they will be learning essential lessons that will be covered in preschool. These lessons will not only improve phonics, numbers, colors, social skills, and boost an awareness of healthy practices, but they will also help them gain a learning advantage on their peers. While exploring our uniquely educational lands, your child will soar through preschool!