Your little learner’s introduction to reading is sure to be a blast with JumpStart Academy Preschool! At this level, emphasis is placed on words and basic spelling. Through games that adhere to Common Core curriculum, each lesson presents and stimulating and educational lesson in word recognition and building. With an abundance of games, assignments, and adventures, your child will be on their way to reading above and beyond grade level in no time!

As players navigate through fun-filled lands, they can unlock games, activities, and lessons that will teach them essential word-based skills. In the very beginning of JumpStart Academy Preschool, users will first learn to spell and write is their very own name! After they have mastered learning writing their name, players will move onto how words sound and what letter they start with. With exciting games and a colorful cast of characters, your young scholar will be spelling like a pro in no time!

These lessons are all tailored to the Common Core curriculum, as well as your own kid’s progress through the game. As they play through the game, they will surely grasp the basics of spelling and reading. In fact, they will be clamoring to get their hands on more words. Soon, your child will be a passionate lifelong reader.