Early Reading

Your little learner’s introduction to reading is sure to be a blast with JumpStart Academy Preschool! At this level, emphasis is placed on recognizing letters and the sounds they represent. All the activities have been developed by education experts to reinforce early Preschool fundamental skills. With an abundance of books, activities, and let’s not forget fun, your child will create a solid foundation into learning and get the jump they need to be ready for Kindergarten.

As players navigate through our guided learning path, they will unlock content, activities, and skills that will teach them crucial skills needed to begin to learn to read. In the very beginning of JumpStart Academy Preschool, users will start with the first word they will learn to recognize and spell, their name! Once they have mastered this their journey will continue by exploring exciting activities with help from a colorful cast of friends that will encourage them succeed. Your young scholar will be reading like a pro in no time!

All the lessons have been designed to focus on early fundamental skills, as well as, the child’s progress through the game. As they advance through the game, they will start to build the foundation they will need to start reading and spelling. In fact, they will be clamoring to get their hands on more things to read and learn. Soon, your child will be a passionate lifelong reader.