Did you know that shape recognition is an early math skill and is a vital part of any preschooler’s education? So, learning about shapes and their characteristics is a key skill that should be taught early on. As your kid plays thru JumpStart Academy Preschool, they will interact with specially designed activities, videos, and books that focus on shapes and how they appear in the world around them.

There are so many different ways to teach your little learners about shapes, from our experience the most effective methods will be those that provide opportunities for hands-on learning. Players will be introduced to the basic shapes one at a time and see what makes each shape unique, how to draw it and how it differs from the other shapes. As they progress they will be introduced more complicated shapes and how to spots the small differences.

With all activities based on preschool learning foundations they will be educational, fun and full of stars! Your child will discover the wonderful world of shapes, but they will also start to form a strong base for Kindergarten. Quickly, your child will become a shooting star!