A key goal of JumpStart Academy Preschool is to get your little learner to master the basics of phonics. Users will play challenging and engaging games that play a crucial role in learning how to read and write. These lessons will also be personalized for your kid to ensure that they will connect to phonics.

With interactive games, your child will be able to grasp the correlating sounds of the alphabet and get them ready to read more complex words. This will help young learners grasp the basics of language arts. Players will apply these lessons and practice spelling out the letters of their name and learn how to create larger, more complex words. With an emphasis on phonics, your child will be on the path to becoming a strong reader and writer.

Through games that focus on letters and their corresponding sounds, JumpStart Academy Preschool will lay a rich foundation of phonics for your kid. Phonics are an essential element to your child’s education, so it is imperative that they are exposed to lessons that incorporate this subject. Of course, with fun games and awesome characters to guide players, learning phonics will be a breeze!