Number Sense

It’s important to form a strong foundation early on in your child’s education experience. JumpStart Academy Preschool has hand curated all of its activities, lessons, and special moments that will teach all players the essentials of mathematics. Each lesson was designed based on national standards that will not only get your early learning identifying and writing numbers 1-20, understanding sorting and patterns, it will also have them ecstatic to log on and learn.

Players will focus on the fundamental skills of mathematics by playing specialized activities that have been designed to teach numbers, counting and basic sequencing. In fact, after the player spells and traces their name, we work with them to count how many letters their name contains to start to introduce them to all these skills.

With lessons adhering to national standards, fun activities, and plenty of friendly helpful faces, math will be a breeze! Your child will not only get a learning edge for Kindergarten, but they will also have a blast learning how to count and recognize and write numbers. Soon enough, counting will be as easy as one, two, three!