It’s important to incorporate the basics of mathematics in your child’s early education. Fortunately, JumpStart Academy Preschool includes games, lessons, and adventures that teach players the basics of counting. Each lesson is equipped with Common Core standards that will not only get your young scholar performing above and beyond grade level in math, but also have them ecstatic to log on and learn.

Players will be introduced to the essentials of counting through personally tailored games. In fact, one of the first activities involves counting how many letters are in the player’s name. Other games include lessons not solely on counting, but on recognizing and drawing other numbers as well.

With lessons adhering to Common Core standards, exciting games, wondrous lands, and plenty of friendly faces, math will be a breeze! Your child will not only get a learning edge on their peers, but they will also have a blast learning how to count and recognize and write numbers. Soon enough, counting will be as easy as one, two, three!