Preschool map Mythie Eggs
Preschool map Mythie Eggs

About JumpStart Academy Preschool

JumpStart Academy Preschool is a personalized educational experience geared towards guiding your child through preschool and preparing them for kindergarten. It takes in each user’s progress and tailors the game to their individual needs. Through an interactive platform, players will have the advantage of an accessible and engaging classroom. With an ensemble of fun-loving and unique characters, action-packed worlds, stimulating educational activities, and a customized playing experience, your young scholar will soar ahead of their peers and become lifelong learners.

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Your kid will have a blast navigating through our games, all of which incorporate Common Core curriculum-based standards to give your child a learning edge. These lessons include learning how to spell and read words, counting, recognizing and naming shapes, and an introduction to the basics of phonics.

As your child plays through the game, they will be eager to continue learning with our fun variety of rewards and activities. They have the opportunity to explore fantastical lands, customize their very own dollhouse, and earn tickets for completing games and lessons.

Keep track of your child’s learning progress through the Parent Center! Here, you can play an active role in your kid’s educational journey by accessing information on Common Core standards, progress reports, recommended assignments, and additional resources.



Access an abundance of educational assignments based off of your child’s in-game progress.

Explore exciting new lands full of wonder! Players can learn all about themselves and their family as they navigate through these colorful worlds. Each land contains innovative and introspective lessons that players will carry with them beyond their education.

For more information on JumpStart Academy Preschool’s commitment to education and Common Core curriculum, check out these videos! Here, you’ll find the resources you’ll need to lead your child on the right educational path.

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