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Parent Center

With JumpStart Academy Kindergarten’s Parent Center, you can keep track of your kid’s learning journey. Here, you can maintain a hands-on approach to their education. You can access information about Common Core curriculum, personalized progress reports, additional assignments, and extra resources.

Common Core Curriculum

JumpStart Academy Kindergarten allows you to take the time to truly understand what your child is learning. Under this tab, you can learn about the specific Common Core-based standards your little learner will be exposed to as they play. This will allow you to maintain a hands-on experience with your kid’s education.

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Progress Reports

Track your child’s educational growth with customized progress reports! These reports take in their progress and provides you with what standards they are excelling in and which ones may need a little more work. This lets you keep a close eye on your young scholar.

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Give your kindergartener a head start on their peers by using supplementary materials to further their educational growth. With these engaging Common Core-based assignments, your little learner will soar through academic standards.


Take knowledge to new heights with additional resources. Learning doesn’t have to end when your child logs off, and you can encourage your child to keep working towards academic greatness with educational worksheets, experiments, and activities.

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