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All About Me

It’s time to learn about what makes you… you! In the first stop on their educational journey, your young scholar will visit “All About Me,” a place that is designed to educate players about themselves. In this personalized land, the user’s choices play in big role in how the world appears. They are guaranteed to have a blast mastering essential topics that all kindergarteners should know in a world that is tailored just for them!

Before your kindergartener will begin their learning adventure in “All About Me,” they will be asked a few questions about themselves. These inquiries will range from their favorite animal to their favorite color, to their favorite toy. After they have finished, they will be presented with a bedroom that contains the answers to these questions! For example, the color the user selected will be the color of the walls, and the toy they preferred will be available in the room.

This land is all about the player, so why shouldn’t be personalized for them? Your child will love seeing their choices come to fruition in “All About Me,” and will be begging to log on and learn! With engaging lessons and a customization options, your little learner will surely have a blast!