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Exciting Lands

As your kindergartener completes their educational journey, they will travel to fantastical and wondrous lands full of adventure! Your kid will have a blast learning about themselves in “All About Me,” stepping into the pages of storybooks in “Fairytale Land,” and exploring the curiosities of “Wonderland.”

All About Me

Your child will adore learning in their very own personalized bedroom! In this land, they will find themselves in a customized room with walls painted their favorite color, their preferred toy, a fun animal friend of their choice, and more. In addition to these tailored options, your child will learn about getting dressed and dealing with emotions.

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Fairytale Land

Get ready to set sail for adventure! In this magical world, your child will have a blast frolicking with fairies, dueling dragons, and waving wands with wizards as they learn all about their favorite stories and fairytales.

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JumpStart Academy Kindergarten just gets curiouser and curiouser as your child falls down the rabbit hole into the peculiar world of Wonderland! As they explore this strange land, they will attend a mad tea party, chat with the Caterpillar, and try to spot the ever-elusive Cheshire cat.

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