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Explore world full of wonder with JumpStart Academy Kindergarten! As they navigate through lessons, games, and stories, players will have the opportunity to make their way through unique lands and learn about stories full of daring, magic, and the impossible. Each land will be filled with colorful characters who will join them on their educational journey!

As they play through the game, your child will be transported to new found in storybooks. In All About Me, players will learn about what makes them unique, such as their bodies and their emotions. In Fairytale Land, players can dive right into adventure from storybooks. They can explore secret caves, uncover fairies, and learn about their favorite stories! In Wonderland, players will fall down the rabbit hole to investigate the mysteries of the famous – and wacky – world of Lewis Carroll’s eccentric novel. With fantastic opportunities to explore, players will fall in love with learning.

As your child moves through each fantastical land, they will be exploring essential topics that will be covered in kindergarten. Each lessons will help them soar ahead of standards in school and get a learning edge on their peers. Through their adventures, your child will be enraptured not just in the landscapes, but in learning as well.