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Engaging Features

Your little learner will love logging on with all of the engaging opportunities JumpStart Academy Kindergarten has to offer! Whether it’s exploring magical new lands, customizing their very own dollhouse, or earning tickets for completing games and activities, your kid will adore the multitude of features available throughout the game.


Players will fall in love with the colorful and enchanting worlds at their fingertips. In “All About Me,” your child will learn about themselves as they make their way through a customized bedroom. Your young scholar will literally step into the pages of a book as they explore the magical world of Fairytale Land. Then, they will fall down the rabbit hole and uncover the curiosities of Wonderland.

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Your kid will adore the diverse range of customization options available throughout the game. Players have the opportunity to create their own unique avatar and decorate their dollhouse. Additionally, your child’s academic progress and personal tastes are implemented throughout the game, thereby providing them with a personalized learning experience.

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What’s more fun than playing games? Earning awesome rewards! As your kid navigates through the game, they will have the opportunity to win tickets for successfully completing lessons and activities. These tickets can be exchanged for accessories for their avatar or décor for their dollhouse.

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