JumpStart Academy Kindergarten provides educational puzzles and games that are built to stimulate your kid intellectually. Your child will adore solving these engaging challenges, and will be excited to learn. Parents will undoubtedly love watching their children build their critical thinking skills.

Each puzzle in JumpStart Academy is designed to test your child’s abilities to think critically about the concepts they have learned through other games. One such activity that players will encounter is one that involves building simple “I” sentences, such as “I run,” and “I play.” They must unscramble the bubbles containing the words and properly construct these sentences.

Puzzles are a fun way to test your child’s progress. Each of these activities in JumpStart Academy Kindergarten is designed to boost their knowledge of essential topics covered in early education. With personalized and entertaining puzzles, your little learner will soar beyond academic standards and get an edge on their peers!