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Educational Skills

As your child plays through JumpStart Academy Kindergarten, they will learn essential Common Core curriculum-based standards. These lessons will play a crucial role in ensuring that your kindergartener excels academically and preparing them for the first grade.


Players will encounter engaging stories as they play. Each book will help your child develop essential reading skills to help them become lifelong bibliophiles. Your kid will also travel to lands straight from the pages of magical storybooks, which will undoubtedly get them excited to bury their nose in a book!

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Your young scholar will embrace math as they make their way through JumpStart Academy Kindergarten. Through entertaining games that implement Common Core curriculum standards, players will learn how to write, recognize, and count to numbers beyond ten.

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Through thought-provoking games, your little learner will have a blast trying to solve complex and intriguing puzzles. As they put on their thinking caps to try and crack the codes, players will be developing strong critical thinking skills.

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As your child plays JumpStart Academy Kindergarten, they will be introduced to new phonetic concepts and build on already existing skills. Through games that focus on phonics, your child will transform into an avid reader and writer.

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