About JumpStart Academy Kindergarten

Help your child master kindergarten and get a learning edge with JumpStart Academy Kindergarten! As users play through, they will master sight words, numbers, phonics, puzzles, word building, and shapes. Each player’s gaming experience is tailored to their personal growth so that they can learn in the way that’s best for them. Parents can also maintain a hands-on approach to their child’s education with easily accessible customized progress reports, activities, and additional resources. With engaging games, a fun cast of characters, and awesome rewards, your kid will fall in love with learning.

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From reading exhilarating stories to solving puzzles, your kindergartener will play their way through a Common Core curriculum-based product. Through a series of entertaining and educational games, players will develop the skills required to soar above and beyond classroom standards.

Through the JumpStart Academy Parent Center, learning has never been more convenient. Parents can keep track of their child’s educational journey through the easily-accessible information on Common Core curriculum, customized progress reports, assignments, and an abundance of resources.



Access stimulating assignments and help your child soar ahead of grade level.

Get ready to explore and learn about three exciting new lands! Each world will be filled a mix of fantastical magic and real-world lessons that will keep players engaged and will encourage them learn to about themselves and the world around them.

Do you need of more information on your child’s education or JumpStart Academy Kindergarten’s commitment to maintaining Common Core curriculum standards? Watch these Ask a Teacher videos for more information on stimulating interest in school, curriculum, and keeping children interested in school.

Essential skills

JumpStart Activity Kindergarten will teach kids everything they need to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond.

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Join us in JumpStart Kindergarten as we learn and play!

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Meet our beloved JumpStart characters as they join your kids in their learning adventures.