JumpStart Academy Coding has been designed to aid K-12 learners in the 21st century to develop computational thinking skills while broadening essential life skills with the 4 Cs (collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking) and problem solving.

Progressive learning path


For ages 5-7

Getting started with

computational thinking.


For ages 8+

Basic concepts and

problem solving.


For ages 8+

Advanced concepts and

interdisciplinary application.

Coding Galaxy consists of 2 stages or 3 levels designed for beginners of different age groups. The block-based coding interface and helpful instructions allow learners to progress at their own pace.

Teach core programming concepts

The Coding Galaxy app provides learners with a scenario-based gamified learning experience with motivational rewards. It covers the following computational thinking and programming concepts in a basic way: Decomposition, pattern recognition, abstractions, generalization, algorithm design, evaluation, sequences, events, loops, conditionals, functions and parallelism.

JSA Coding in Schools


Talk to your child's teacher about bringing JumpStart Academy Coding into the classroom.