What is JumpStart Academy?

JumpStart Academy is the school2home game-based learning ecosystem.

School 2 Home Alligator


We provide detailed insight, progress reports and tracking capabilities to give you full scope of your learner’s abilities.

Learning Ecosystem

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Our experts provide the perfect blend of education and engaging techniques to keep your learner excited.


We employ a diverse set of teaching methods to meet the specific needs of every learner, regardless of background or interests.

What we do at this academy of learning...

JumpStart Academy's school2home game-based learning ecosystem delivers connected products and tools for students, parents and teachers, that elevate the educational experience in and out…


We deliver the learning edge through immersive and engaging game play.
JumpStart Academy’s products include:

  • Early Learning
  • Language Arts
  • Geography
  • History
  • Math
  • STEM
  • Coding
  • ESL
  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

And Beyond!

Proven Efficacy

Our products are used in thousands of schools in districts across 50 states in the US and over 70 countries internationally. The Jumpstart Academy products have shown a drastic impact on a user’s education.

  • State Testing by Grade
  • State Testing by time of year
  • End of Year Growth
  • District Testing

Math Efficacy Over 1 Year

Proven Efficacy


JumpStart Academy provides a tailored learning experience 100% unique to your child. From dynamic lesson plans to activities for every learning style, our system adapts in real time based off the learner’s interactions.



Our proprietary technology system, CuDOS, fuels the JSA interactive learning ecosystem. Though the utilization of multiple variables this unique technology provides our users a dynamic learning environment that suits their individual needs. We understand that regardless of the grade or age a child is in, everyone learns differently, that is why we created JumpStart Academy.



Take us on-the-go! We make sure that all products are web and mobile friendly so kids can learn at home, in the class or whenever time allows.



Our products include 11 types of learning activities with hundreds of levels and paths for the user to work on. From games, puzzles and videos, to stories songs and more, our program engages learners on many levels. Our fun cast of characters helps the child invest in their progression while our social features and rewarding systems make them want to play more.


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