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Twisted Games isn’t your average free games website – it is an online portal entirely dedicated to the design and development of the most engaging mobile games you ever played! The website offers a wide selection of cool games that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The dynamic game play is not just enjoyable; it also challenges players to use their logic and critical thinking skills in order to win the game. Many players begin as casual gamers, but these attractively designed games are so much fun that it is almost impossible to stop playing once you start. And that’s not all! Read More

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Beaver’s Revenge:

This physics-based arcade game is all about revenge. While on a picnic with his family, Papa Beaver spots a lumberjack cutting down the trees in his forest home. Papa Beaver and the other woodland creatures team up to stop the lumberjacks and their equipment by destroying them through a tail-aided slingshot.

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Ice Cube Caveman:

A logic game in which you try to help free a caveman from the block of ice he has been trapped in for thousands of years. By rolling the caveman’s block of ice around on a narrow path of tiles, you can eventually place it on the fire to thaw him out.

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Elimin8 is a puzzle game that requires quick thinking and counting skills. Numbered boxes drop down onto the board, but there is a catch. The boxes are only eliminated if the numbered box matches the number of boxes that are in that row or column.

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This is a puzzle game that requires matches to be made. Try to get three of the same type of zombies in a row, and they will be eliminated. There are also five different power-ups that will help with the task of eliminating zombies.

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